EcoShot Preview

After installing the plugin you will find that four new avatars have been added. These are the avatars that you will use to generate EcoShot Preview images.

EcoShot Dani - Height: 5’8 / 173cm • Bust: 32C • Waist: 27” / 69cm • Hips: 36” / 91cm • Hair: Brown • Eyes: Blue / Grey Dani headshot

EcoShot Grace - Height: 5’7 / 171cm • Bust: 32DD • Waist: 24” / 61cm • Hips: 33” / 84cm • Hair: Dark Brown • Eyes: Dark Brown Grace headshot

EcoShot Lucas - Height: 186cm - 6’ 1” • Chest: 94cm - 37” • Waist: 80cm - 31” • Suit Size: 38 Long • Inside Leg: 81cm - 32” • Shoes: 10 • Hair: Dark Brown • Eyes: Hazel Lucas headshot

EcoShot Spencer - Height: 183cm • 6’ 0” • Chest: 97cm 38” • Waist: 81cm - 32” • Suit Size: 44 Regular • Inside leg: 81CM - 32” • Shoes: 9 • Hair: Black • Eyes: Dark Brown Spencer headshot

To Generate a Preview:

1. Choose your Avatar and Pose

  1. Choose which model you are going to use and then select that avatar.
  • 3D -> Avatars->EcoShot ModelName
  1. Select the pose that you would like to see your garment dressed on. Note that there are a number of possibilities depending on the chosen model. The below tables outline the available options:

2. Note the Preview Viewpoints

In the tables above the column marked ‘Preview Viewpoint’. This indicates whether the EcoShot Preview will be rendered from a front or a back viewpoint.

  • If you want to align the Browzwear 3D View Window so that the avatar there matches the viewpoint shown in the Preview - use the cameras included in the installation.
    • M-V0-front is for front viewpoints and M-V4-back is for back viewpoints.

3. Set the Lighting

This is an optional step, but if you would like to set the lighting on the garments to match the lighting on the model, use the Metail EcoShot Lighting.

  • 3D Environment -> Lights -> Metail EcoShot Lighting

4. Start Previewing!

You are now ready to use the avatars and the EcoShot preview. Open one of your garments and prepare and dress the garments on the EcoShot avatar as normal.

  • Once the garment is on the avatar, save a snapshot
    • 3D -> Snapshots->Save Snapshot

There are now three options in the Plugin Menu:

  1. Plugins→EcoShot→Preview to start rendering the garment. You should see the render being overlaid on top of the model photograph.
  2. Plugins→EcoShot→Preview As… if you want to save the preview image in a particular location.
  3. Plugins→EcoShot→Bundle V-Ray scene will create a ZIP file with everything Metail needs to do a final high quality composition.