EcoShot is comprised of two elements:

In order to use EcoShot Preview in VStitcher and Lotta, users must have an Open Platform Licence. For optimum results, please use the Browzwear April 2019 Edition (August Editions will work, but there are some known minor issues).

EcoShot Preview Installation

There are three assets which need to be installed for the EcoShot Preview to work correctly:

  1. Metail Lighting
  2. Metail Camera Viewpoints
  3. Ecoshot Plugin

Please obtain a copy of the plugin from Metail. We will provide you with a ZIP file.

Please unzip the file after download,

  • on Windows, right-click the ZIP file and select Extract All;
  • on macOS, double-click the ZIP file.

That should create a folder called EcoShot-<version-number>. Check that inside that folder you have:

  • a folder called assets - this contains the lighting and camera files;
  • a folder called MetailPreview - this is the folder which contains the plugin.

Importing Metail Lighting

  • In the VStitcher Menu Bar click: 3D Environment > Lights > Edit Lights (Image Based)
    • Click on hdr dropdown > Add new file…
    • Find Metail EcoShot Lighting.hdr in the assets folder from the zip file
    • Click Open
    • Wait for HDR to load (can take 2-3 minutes)
    • Exposure: 0
    • Rotate Image: -180

Importing Metail Cameras

  • In the Menu Bar click: 3D Environment > 3D View > Edit / Add…
    • Click on the Blue dropdown button next to Current box
    • Click on Import
    • Find M-V0-front.vcampos in the assets folder from the zip file
    • Click Open
    • Repeat this process for the other camera M-V4-back.vcampos

Install EcoShot Plugin

  1. Locate the MetailPreview folder from the downloaded zip file.
  2. Open VStitcher, and go to Preferences (on Mac: VStitcher→Preferences; on Windows: Edit→Preferences)
  3. Go to the Plugins tab and click the + button. Select the location of the MetailPreview folder on disk.

Metail EcoShot avatars will be installed automatically. Please press OK on every Import window that pops up.

You are now ready to use Metail’s EcoShot Plugin!

How to use the EcoShot Preview